Life in the 21st Century is becoming increasingly stressful. Many find the noose tightening around their neck in trying to cope with the hustle & bustle a busy life demands. The experts advise that the best way to manage stress is to find a calm, relaxing, environment, to which one can retreat, to de-stress and rejuvenate oneself-be it on weekends or just any time at all.

aalloa hills offers such a retreat-near enough to get to, yet offering the solitude of a sanctuary secluded from the frenzy of city living. Easily accessible, it is just 15 km's from Gandhinagar and 45 Km's from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar-Mahudi highway, 7kms from pethapur cross road, village pindarda. From this point one begins to sense a distancing form the city as the undulating landscape beckons with an abundance of flora & Fauna. Peacock & Nilgai (Blue Bull) can be seen roaming along the stretch. Tucked into the 500 acres of undulating carefully landscaped hilly terrain, it is literally an oasis of tranquility. On the other side it reaches down to touch the banks of Sabarmati River, across which are hilly forest reserves which greatly contribute to the bio-diversity of the area. And all it takes to get to this heaven is a 45 minute drive from Ahmedabad.

An integrated scheme of Farm Plots (NA), a Club Resort, Golf Course with Coaching facilities & Kerala base Authentic Ayurveda treatment centre are aimed to provide maximum opportunities for relaxation and to spend quality time with family & friends in a peaceful, de-stressed zero-pollution environment. The entire project has a well.


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